Volume 4 Issue 7 (June, 2015)

Original Research Article

  1. Computational drug ZINPIP-Analog an ultimate solution to cure conserved domains of mutant EGFR, ALK and BRAF Proteins in NSCLC
    Author: Anum Munir, Sajid Khan and Shumaila Azam

  2. Development and validation of UV-spectrophotometric methods for quantitative estimation of Prothionamide in pure and pharmaceutical dosage forms
    Author: Sujit Kumar Debnath, S. Saisivam, Dillip Kumar Dash and Monalisha Debnath

  3. Antimicrobial property and phytochemical study of ginger found in local area of Punjab, Pakistan
    Author: Humayun Riaz, Almas Begum, Syed Atif Raza, Zia Mohy-Ud-Din Khan, Hamad Yousaf and Ayesha Tariq