Volume 1 Issue 6 (May, 2012)

Original Research Article

  1. Pharmacological investigation of Areca catechu extracts for evaluation of learning, memory and behavior in rats
    Author: Madhusudan Joshi, Kavita Gaonkar, Sneha Mangoankar, Sneha Satarkar

  2. In-vitro antibacterial activity of herbal aqueous extract against multi-drug resistant Klebsiella sp. isolated from human clinical samples
    Author: Rehnuma Sharmeen, Md. Nazmul Hossain, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Md. Javed Foysal, Md. Faruque Miah

  3. Dissolution enhancement of Capmul PG8 and Cremophor EL based Ibuprofen Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) using Response surface methodology
    Author: Sadika Akhter, Md. Ismail Hossain

  4. Wound healing activity of Cleome rutidosperma DC. roots
    Author: Sumanta Mondal, Padilam Suresh