This Privacy Statement addresses ICPJ's practices regarding information collected only directly through or from the Site – it does not address or govern any information gathering, use, or dissemination practices related to information collected other than directly through or from the Site, including, without limitation, from or via telephone, facsimile, postal mail, personal delivery, or other or additional offline means or media.

ICPJ may collect or track (1) the e-mail addresses of visitors that communicate with ICPJ via e-mail, (2) information knowingly provided by the visitor in the “Contact Us” tab of the site, and(3) the type of client computer, files downloaded, search engine used, operating system, and type of Web browser of visitors to the Site.

Personal data collected by ICPJ may be used by ICPJ for many reasons, for example, for editorial and feedback purposes, for product development, for content improvement, for fulfilment of a requested transaction or recordkeeping, for marketing and promotional purposes, for a statistical analysis of visitors’ behaviour, or to customize the content and layout of the Site.

The name and email address of all authors of the manuscripts will be available to users of this web site. These details are made available in this is purely to facilitate communication. Collecting these email addresses for commercial use is not permitted. The usage of articles or other materials from this journal without proper citation is strictly prohibited and will be handled legally. The need for asking permission before using the property of this journal is must while producing the content in other forms of publication or other manipulations of articles.

ICPJ may change this Privacy Statement at any time. Notice of any new or revised Privacy Statement, as well as the location of the new or revised statement, will be posted on the Site for at least 30 days before the change.

Updated: 15 June 2012

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